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A “clip from the past”…

Recently we had a past MCAA Member reach out: I’d like to send a photo of the “MCAA Outstanding Achievement Award for 1983” as well as a couple other photos for whatever you might make of it.It’s ancient history, but may be of interest for MCAA records.  I was the 3rd Michigan State Court Administrator, 1973-1981.  We had a few good accomplishments during that time,and I see from the Internet research that some of them are still in place along with several other great improvements in court administration.  I am long retired, and havemore yesterdays than tomorrow…     Einar Bohlin  **Thank you so much for sharing this bit of the past, we have incorporated them into our Historical files and are also placing them on the website for all members to share!!You may view the photo submitted by clicking on the “Photo Album” area (below and on the right) from the Home Page and selecting “Misc Historical Pictures-Bohlin”

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