2016 CONFERENCE AWARD WINNERS        Court Administrator of the Year        Soaring Above the Rest        Wayne Berg Distinguished Service2016 Court Administrator’s Award: “Susan Thomas”   She has served on SEMECAA as VP and Recording Secretary, is a MCAA Member and very active in the Wayne County Court Administration. New this Year:   Soaring Above the Rest Award:    “Jennifer Huebel”   This award was created for an individual that has contributed in a distinctive way to improve the lot of those less able to help themselves, devoted him/herself to sustained and selfless voluntary service; shown innovation or creativity in delivering lasting results; describe as vividly and precisely as possible what has occurred at our annual conference and what their contribution has made.  2016 Wayne Berg Distinguished Service Award:  “Deborah Green”    Given in recognition and sincere appreciation for their distinguished service, devotion, friendship, hard work and commitment having been a huge contribution to Michigan’s Courts System. CONGRATULATIONS TO ALL AWARD WINNERS!!  We appreciate each of you.

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